Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's all about "TIME"!

TIME HEALS EVERYTHING....this is something most of us might have heard and NO I am not getting "Philosophical"...After about 6 months stay in Baton Rouge...there are few things that's obviously changed in me and my life....and I am going to talk about that...

The first time I tasted "Lays" chips and sipped "Sprite" here, I knew it was not the same as how it tastes back in India. Now I am so used to the current taste of these items, that I can no more recollect how it would taste back in India.

I was under the "superstitious" belief that I would fall sick if I don't eat "Chaats" especially "Pani puri" on a weekly basis and I used to long for it. My mouth waters even now if I think of them!!! But now I crave for Mexican Food, cheesy stuffs in other words basically more of the American food !! Though there can be no comparison between the two. Each have their own place in my taste buds ;-)

Apart from food my weekday and weekend routines have also changed and I am so accustomed to them that I hardly recollect what I used to do back in India [ Off course I remember the important ones but the trivial ones have escaped my mind!!]. Friend's with whom I chat or talk on regular basis find a gradual change in me which I myself don't recognize.

All I can say it "It's all about TIME" and I am not the one to be blamed!! :-D

P.S : On a personal note , I have heard and seen people getting "Americanized" after a few days stay here. And off course I have seen people not liking that change. But now I wonder do we have the right to even blame them ?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kannada Balaga!

It's been really long since I have blogged and obviously it means my new Semester has started!!

I am not talking about my 2nd semester in this's all about Kannada Balaga. I happened to meet 4 guys from Bangalore in the 1st semester. They had invited us to their home for dinner. It was fun to hang around with them and soon after that, I got busy with my routine. After that my encounter with them has been just short meetings or e-chats. However, in the 2nd semester I met them with 2 more additions , had a pot luck dinner and a dinner outing and to be honest I had a blast!!! Let me introduce these guys n gals:

1. Naveen : Confused Party
2. Shashank : A telugu guy, who doesn't know telgu, a Bangalorean who doesn't know kannada.
3. Pradeep : The only sane person in that apartment who pulls everyone's leg and spares none.
4. Pratap : New addition to the apartment. Came in this semester. Yet to "know" him.
5. Sunada : Living Kannada encyclopedia. His level of jokes are ultimate! And the best past is he never repeats his jokes, difficult to find people of that nature!!
6. Madahvi : Newly wedded wife of Sunada. A silent person but a needed addition to the Kannada Balaga :-)
Except for Naveen, the rest are doing their PhD's here ( Impressive).

The things I enjoy the most is :
1. Getting an opportunity to dress up in Indian Attire!!! I miss it occasionally.
2. Talking about the famous eat outs in Bangalore
3. Laughing at some internal Kannada or Bangalore related jokes
4. Feeling one amongst them knowing I am not been judged upon !!!

I even sacrificed my Sunday Time to meet up with them and it was totally WORTH IT ( such a stress buster)!!!! Hoping to have some quality time and
"memorable" memories with these people :-)


P.S : This blog is purely my opinion ( just like my other blogs) , and is not intented to hurt anyone's sentiments otherwise.