Monday, April 4, 2011

Trekking-1st time-Fabulous Experience-Want To Do it again!

If I haven't admitted it in my previous blog, let me do it here " I am a total lazy bum"! :-D Though I am a fun loving person, "Fun" is always restricted to talking, movie watching , eating and just staying at HOME!! Another reasons could be, I have never had the opportunity to try something else. Happy and content the way  it is and my laziness adds to it.

 So, coming back to the recent present, 9 of us ( Bangaloreans) planned for a 1 day trek to a place close by to Baton Rouge. Its called Clarks Creek - Tunica falls. We were so sure the trek is going to be such a difficult task that, we shopped so many eatables the day before!!!
  It included anything and everything you can possible take for a "picnic" rather than for a "trek". I ended up sleeping at 2:30 AM after cutting a huge watermelon and fitting it into various boxes that we planned to carry. Woke up at 6-7 AM not sure, got fresh had a banana and left to the friends place.

Not to our surprise, the other set of guys arrived LATE, and we all departed by 8:30 AM odd. The drive (1.5 hours) to the place was just superb!!!! With a few missing routes, we reached the place by 10 AM [ I am not sure with the timings I have mentioned]. Mid way through our trip we did stop by to take a few SNAPS :-).

So we started trekking and within a few Milli-seconds we stopped by for having breakfast [ rich breakfast]. Then we decided to take the primitive trail for trekking and had to cross many obstacles on our way.
 We stopped by 1-2 falls had some fun with the water and were deciding the next path to take all the while. By noon, we were at the dead end of a fall and  halted there. We played with American Football BALL and Dumbsharads for a little while. Then had a "Richer" Lunch and left by 3:30 PM. Trekking back was a little easy, since we opted to take the wooden staircase rather than the primitive trail, but after a certain point it was just man-made paths which were very steep.

 It was a humongous task for all of us to make it through such strips of path . All tired and sweaty we came to the parking lot by 5 PM and reached Baton Rouge by 6:30 PM odd!!!

1. To be honest it was a" Trek-Picnic" outing
2. It took about 4 day for my body to stop aching
3. I just had so much FUN
4. We did see a Lobster and copper head snake during our trekking

 Finally, this experience has motivated all of us to go for some more treks.  Hope I will be a part of each one of them, because it’s worth it and was "FUN"!!! :-D

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