Monday, April 30, 2012

LSU Flores MBA - Class 2012

We are having our last set of presentations in our MBA class this week and I am thoroughly enjoying it! Each and every presentation has its own uniqueness and a personalized touch to it. I still remember the 1st semester where most of us were still inexperienced with our presentation skills.We were having notes in our hands, constantly reading out from the slides, using repaeted words like actually, now, bascially, moving forward at the beginning of each sentence, leaving a ghost image on the projector, showing our back to the audience and last but not the least having a lost expression on our faces while we were not talking!

Now I get to see people who are confident, dressed up! know what they are talking ( even if they don't, they know how to handle the pressure!!), bring in humor and genuineness into the presentation and most of all address the audience with a smile!

Well I learnt how to read a financial statement, calculate the value of a stock, implement couple of marketing strategies, perform statistical analysis and few other business related techniques! But of all things the MBA has definitely helped me groom my SOFT skills. All credits to the LSU Flores MBA Department and my fellow classmates!!!

Cheers to the LSU Flores MBA class 2012! 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring Break 2012- Mixed Bag

Our K-Gang has been planning for an AWESOME spring break trip for close to 2 months. We planned to go to Smokies Mountain, Destine Beach, Arkansas State Park, Mississippi State Park, Texas State Park and last but not the least our very own Louisiana State Park. Then there were plans of going for a night trail in the forest, watch 3-D titanic movie and also the Louisiana special Swamp Tour. No plan fell in place this time due to a zillion reasons :-). So all I got to do during Spring Break was "UN"PLANNED activities.

1. Baton Rouge Zoo - One of its kind and atypical to our Baton Rouge Environment. The group with whom I visited was also different and entertaining. The mishap at the Gas Station, a beautiful "perfect" weather evening and snaking at Sonic.

2. New Orleans (NOLA) - A sudden plan to drive to NOLA in the night and spend the whole night there. A drive filled with Songs such as "Made in India..." & "Dil Chata Hai.."  with friends laughing away to glory! Entering a CASINO for the 1st time ever!!! Gambling as a "Risk averse" group, the dancers "dance" , winning in the slot machines, loosing in the real GAMBLE and at last making sure we get out of there before we are ADDICTED to gambling. Yes, the CASINO visit was again a Typical DESI experience. And back in Baton Rouge having hot coffee in iHOP ;-) and seeing the SUN RISE by our River Levy!!!

3. Houston - Once again a decision taken at the spur of the moment. Booked a car and decided to go to Meenakashi Temple. A 5 hour long drive, beautiful temple with ample time to sit and meditate. Amazing food at Udipi Cafe, a visit to Galleria Mall where we got to see a Fashion Show, man created falls and finally Masala Chai with Cold Chaats! The day was just YUMMY. And off course, I think I "sang" or as my friends say recited songs for 8 hours!!!

4. Ship Island - The only planned item on the list, which turned out to be an unplanned event. The plan was to go to ship island on an hour cruise, rent an umbrella and a wooden bed sit by the beach and read a nice book. Relax with good food and  spend timewith friends. However, all I got to do was to take a short nap along with my friends at Biloxi beach with a mini sand storm! Nevertheless I enjoyed :-).

5. Mauj - Compered for the 2nd time here at LSU for an Indian Fest. Was a descent experience and off course I loved the dinner that was served that night and having good times with friends!

Well Spring Break 2012 was indeed Mixed Bag!