Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Drunkard in Me

After X years of my entry into the world, here is one more crazy thing I did last night. I managed to complete ONE full glass of white wine while at a conference. I am not sure if I went HIGH, but I did experience a little bit of dizziness and though I know I was talking real LOUD, I couldn't tone down my voice :-).

I never ever, as in NEVER EVER thought I would come to live a day where I would first of all drink, second of all not think too much about the act and third of all blog about it :-). Just to landmark this event in my life, which is NOT a BIG DEAL for many, I broadcast this news to some of my buddies who are good at Drinking and have always encouraged me to take the first step to join the drinkers club.

To all my well wishers, don't worry I won't go wild and crazy and start drinking, it was just a one time thing, one of the zillion things in my "TO DO LIST" before I get married away.

Cheers ( I mean it for the first time :-D )

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Ah..so Shopping is pretty much what I have been doing all the time. It is a different story that the hours I have indulged in shopping and the dollar amount spent on shopping don't match :-P!

I browse a zillion websites, talk to many people and discuss options on things to buy and yet there is never an end to it !!! As I am blogging I realize most of these  things are what I had once upon a time thought didn't "ADD VALUE" but when the question of Shopping come for Ones Own Wedding and for Ones Own Family for a special reason everything becomes IMPORTANT. Much to my surprise I spent 30 minutes to pick a Nail Polish for my MOM. That been said I have always been complimented for being a good female shopper :-).

Did realize I am not good at shopping when I do it alone - For one, I over spend, buy things way too fast because I get impatient and don't think too much  and two, yes a second opinion definitely makes a difference. Not surprised to know I enjoy shopping with only a few people. A friend might be super close and the best buddy but when it comes to shopping he/she might not be the best one ;-). Well it is different when we do  window(s) shopping :-). As the shopping spree continues I will unravel more secrets about Arpitha Shopping Style (ASS); rules and regulations and do's and do not's.

FYI - Special thanks to Abhijith Jain for been a consistent and a good companion to go out for shopping. I would rather not comment on his shopping techniques and styles because I don't want to get into any trouble and I need him to shop with me for few a few more weeks [FOREVER]! :-)