Friday, September 5, 2014


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Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year - 2014!!

2013 was a mixed bag roller coaster but ended really good!!! Abhijith getting a full time job in a reputed company and our long awaited vacationing in the Caribbean Cruise :-) Much to thank for in 2013 and much more to look forward to in 2014.....

Looking back at my Resolution List, I think I made good progress.. that been said I know I could have performed better had I put a little bit more dedication and effort. So here comes the list for 2014 and just like any other new year going along with the holiday spirit jump starting my resolutions with a BANG!!! Wish me luck :-)

P.S - Due to selfish reasons my 2014 resolutions are more oriented towards my own gain than what was there in the 2013 list. But hey, these are necessary..and yes there is always other years where I can bring a balance to this :-)