Sunday, July 29, 2012

Clean Cleaner Cleanest!

My mom at times phrases me for some of my "good" habits such as been well organized and tidy!!! My friends also who have passed remarks on this and to some extent I did think I belong to a "Clean" person category.

Much to my dismay I have been proved wrong by my new ROOMATE and  LAND LADY .... Her usual one liners are "Your standards of Cleaning and my standard of Cleaning is different...but...." and it ends with how sub-standard my techniques are compared to hers. Initially I was offended by her, but sooner I realized we all have our "STANDARDS" and definition of the word CLEAN. While I think I am the Cleanest, I might not even be close to the C of CLEAN for her.

That explains a lot about her, me and all the people I have complained or admired of been CLEAN people.

However, that does not explain why I still get so ANGRY when I am corrected by her. Only time will tell if I can improve or she will give up on me :-)

Monday, July 9, 2012


Like most of them who come to US on a long term basis [either for studying or working], I always have the thought  when will I return back to my home country for good...or will I ever return?!

People in India say:
1. You are a PARdesi now
2. Once you are there for a long time you would not want to return
3. You are becoming more "Americanized"

People in US say:
1. You will never get the advantages you get here once you go back!
2. Even if you go back you will return sooner or later ;-)

Well, I just had this realization. In my two year stay I have:
1. Eaten Indian Food
2. Hanged out with Indians
3. Used Indian Products most of the time
4. Watched Indian Movies

Funny as it may sound, I have retained most of my Indian Culture & Habits to a very large extent. The only difference I find  is staying away from family.

 The decision to  stay in a place should be looked upon not only from the  benefits you get but how you would adapt to the place and its culture as well. If not I believe I am as  much a DESI & parDESI as anyone else either  back home or here. 

In Deep Thoughts,