Saturday, March 24, 2012

Uagdi 1992............Ugadi 2012!

My grandma holding my hand and walking me towards the temple opposite to our house...making sure I don't open my eyes until I see God's idol on the first day of new year.....Grandpa not eating until he has fed one poor fellow on the first day of new year...wearing new clothes and trying not to cry on the first day of new year...eating neem leaves and jaggery on the first day of new year (so the year is balanced with happiness and sadness)...Well that was in 1992....

Eating muffin with honey as breakfast..calling home to wish them "Happy New Year" new clothes to wear...invited to a friends place for lunch....visiting temple all dressed up in the evening..having dinner at the temple and a zillion things running in the head which makes you forget that it is New Year....well that is  in 2012.......

Time changes true.....


Missing Home!!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Angola Prison

Found in 1800's. 18K acres of farm land, covered by Mississippi river on 3 sides, 6k Prisoners, 5 camp sites, self sufficient in terms of meeting day to day groceries, bears, alligators, bloody dogs, wolves, dog, cat & camel, 1.5k guards, high security prison in US, Converted from the "Most Bloodiest to the most safest prison".

Visiting the lethal injection room - People executed, eat their last meal, allowed to hug their Moms only.

Lunched in one of the dining hall : Food prepared by  offenders , served by offenders.

Dormitory : Snooker table, Foosball table, Television, phone booths, bunk beds and offenders leading a normal life

Chapel : Listening to an offender who has served 22 years in jail. Seemed optimistic about life - Inspirational.

Museum : Artifacts showcased. Goodies sold.

10 seconds of loosing temper - Serving Life Imprisonment
Choose either to visit a Mom in coma now or attend her funeral - Only one visit allowed
Victims family can see the lethal injection execution
Death penalty take 15-20 years before its been executed
Person on death penalty can hug only his mom. This is for the mom sake not for the prisoners sake.
Allowed to eat last meal of their choice
Person served 27 years in prison, was free to move around on campus, attempted to escape - Now in cell for 23 hours a day! 
Left over food , mixed and baked and again served for the prisoners
Rodeo event 2 times a year - A chance for the offenders to earn some money

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Threshold is defined as a boundary beyond which a radically different state of affairs exists. And once you pass your threshold things get so blurred that you come to think of it as "Reality" when you know that is not how things are supposed to be or are defined as per the norms of the society.

Even so surprising is the fact that you yourself stop caring about things you thought mattered the most! Wow may be that is why it is "radical" I suppose. And when you see things around you which support this school of thought you follow the bandwagon rather than taking time and reflecting on yourself and about things you lived for this LONG! This apparently is the right time when you have to put your beliefs into practice [When it is most needed], but I haven't been able to do that or convince myself to do that so far.

I knew life is full of surprises and I wanted to lead a life filled with surprises...little did I know then that my understanding of the word SURPRISE was so minuscule........... 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Full Stop......

How much tolerant can one be towards inconsistencies? Well  that's a "qualitative" question and the answer depends on the individual who experiences the  inconsistencies and also who or what is creating the  inconsistencies...

I have become a person who can tolerate it beyond threshold and am Happy about it :-D. Nevertheless, once the threshold has been tested time and again it makes me wonder what I would do! Well the best person to answer this question would be Moms and Dads who have tolerated and will tolerate all the inconsistencies  they face because of us. But again that's because they are Parents. And now that I realize I am just Arpitha and nothing more...may be it is time to put a FULL STOP to tolerating inconsistencies than just blogging about it ;-)

What say ?