Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Been too lazy to blog now a days?!!...may be I am at a stage where I don't want to blog... not sure...

So, working in India for a software company means you have thee Conference Calls with the clients in US ( Most of the time). I never had an opportunity to actively participate in these calls apart from been a passive listener. Even with this minimum experience I had an Idea of how this whole "Off-Shore"  and "Out-Source" thing worked. Recently have had multiple opportunities to interact with GTH ( Global Talent Hub) and more importantly I have had to interact with GTH from Bangalore. Much to my dismay, I am shocked and surprised how things are coordinated from the other end. Well for one, this is not a typical IT Project. Hence, the basis on which I am doing the comparison can be wrong, but nevertheless WOW!! Well no wonder there is some truth in the saying "Even if you evidence it, inspect it before concluding it" or "there are three versions to a story, your version, my version and the truth."