Friday, November 22, 2013


So the Hubby and I made a short quick trip to LV this weekend! Well it was Abhi's BD week and we wanted to take a break too... and that made LV happen.

Experiences were quiet intense and interesting. Some highlights include Brunching in THE BUFFET at WYNN, Gambling  for over $200 recklessly, Night Clubing and just leaving right off THE STRIP in LV....Fancy Fancy :-)

Will definitely would love to re-visit LV more often if time, money and energy permits!!!!

What say Abhijith ?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Yet Again I am Proved Right!!! ha ha....

I must have definitely blogged about one of my very strong belief... "Everything happens for ones own good" and once again I was proved so correct just last evening.

I was trying to find the reasoning behind some of my actions and the path I choose though I knew it would lead to no result. Time and again I haven't got a solution or a reasoning to it, which has frustrated me so much and has made me feel guilty for a long time now. The angelic call I got and a few sentences kinda resolved everything...!!! damn YOU Arpitha !!! Don't you ever forget " Everything happens for ones own good" ever again....all the tears...all the tension...all the guilt..all the DRAMA... OMG!!! don't get me started....and after all this...Ah... what a relief :-) I am :-) :-) :-)

Optimism at its HIGHEST level!!!

If only, I resolve the reason why I was offered a job at EY and why I accepted it, I will take this belief as a TESTAMENT from GOD!!! ;-)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cycle and Car!!!

Not sure if I had blogged about this earlier, but in Spring 2012, my last few weeks at LSU and Baton Rouge, I was a victim of a stolen bike. The worst thing was it was a borrowed from a dear friend. I was irresponsible which lead to the calamity must I say!!! I was so angry, hysterical about what had happened that it took me months to get over it. Believe it or not, I had filed a police report and frantically searched all over the place for hours for the stolen cycle :-) That was me OVER REACTING.. but it felt quiet normal then!!!

And just two weeks ago, someone broke into my car by breaking in the passenger back seat rolling window, stole the off the market GPS + Stereo System!!! I followed the routine of filing the police report, calling the insurance agent, informing at work I will be late, asked help to get the glass pieces cleaned and drove to work. I met my Manager, with a funny smiling face and he is like "I thought someone broke in to you car?" with a confused expression on his face. However this time I was apparently reacting the way I was not supposed to and yet it felt quiet normal....

Well as long as feeling normal is still GOOD! :-D

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Been too lazy to blog now a days?!!...may be I am at a stage where I don't want to blog... not sure...

So, working in India for a software company means you have thee Conference Calls with the clients in US ( Most of the time). I never had an opportunity to actively participate in these calls apart from been a passive listener. Even with this minimum experience I had an Idea of how this whole "Off-Shore"  and "Out-Source" thing worked. Recently have had multiple opportunities to interact with GTH ( Global Talent Hub) and more importantly I have had to interact with GTH from Bangalore. Much to my dismay, I am shocked and surprised how things are coordinated from the other end. Well for one, this is not a typical IT Project. Hence, the basis on which I am doing the comparison can be wrong, but nevertheless WOW!! Well no wonder there is some truth in the saying "Even if you evidence it, inspect it before concluding it" or "there are three versions to a story, your version, my version and the truth."

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Have never ever looked forward to a Long weekend in the past 3 years as much as I am looking forward to this one!

Packed with a hectic schedule revolving around working, been a wife and running a family, I really really Need a break!!! Now I know what this meas to so many people out there :-) Hope it really turns out to be THE much needed break :-)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Team!

A Team is actually a movie too :-) but that is not want this blog is about.

A Team is the team I am right now working with :-). Keeping in mind that I am not supposed to disclose confidential information about my team, I will continue blogging!

This has been one of the most diversified, dynamic, multi-personality, multi-ethnicity, multi-experiences composed team anyone could ever possibly work with. The client in itself is a whole new ball game and that's a story for another blog. I would definitely call this one of the best project experiences I have had in my short career at EY and makes me think will this be the only one in my life time!!!

Team composed of 9 people, 4 of them international, 6 of us having different religious beliefs, age range from 21 - 50, married, single, kids, love, hate, gossip, late night partying and the list is never ending and we worked in a conference room for 6 weeks!!! :-)

Just realized when 5 of us decided to go for lunch today this happened:

A - Wanted to go to Teriyaki, C does not like Teriyaki
B - Wanted to go to Italian, D does not like Italian
C - Wanted to go to Round Table Pizza, C does not like Pizzas ( Just to clarify, Pizza is not originally from Italy. Learnt it from one of the team members)
D - Wanted to go to Sushi, E does not like Sushi
E - Wanted to go to Mexican, A,B,C,D does not like Mexican

Anyways, the point is it is A Team! Too bad tomorrow is my last day with  them :-) / :-(

Thursday, June 6, 2013

So life does change after marriage...

You just get overloaded with more work!!! :-X

...Just Kidding (Not really)

So each time I start a conversation with anyone the first thing they ask is "How is Married Life" and the standard answer is "It is going good". So here is a detailed explanation of what it means:

For someone who had been away from home and staying all alone [ yes yes agreed I had and have some wonderful friends] it is awesome to have someone who is family to stay with! It has definitely made my life more structured. I am surprised to know how much work gets done during weekends and makes me wonder what was I doing when I was by myself. Well the answer is obvious, I would watch movies or read books till late in the night, get up in the afternoon next day and before I know it is already night ;-). It also feels good to sit along with someone and have food, tea or coffee. And most importantly when you are in the laziest moment you can sweetly request for some task to be done and in most cases it does get executed. Well there are off course that not so best moments also, but that better left un-blogged ;-).

All in all for sure had I not stayed alone for these many year I would have never ever know how life changes after marriage in the way I am realizing now.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our Wedding

Without lying let me be out right honest that I always had dreams about My Wedding! Who I need to marry, how I need to marry, how I need to look etc up to the most microscopic details one can ever think of!! :-) And continuing to be honest I do admit that the dreams changed over time from wanting to marry to the ideal HERO we see on the sliver screen to not marrying anyone at all :-P.

With the context been set let me talk about the actual wedding now.


P.S : I have been trying to blog about the wedding and have tried 3-4 times but each time I start blogging I get lost in my thought process. So I think it is better left "un"blogged. All in all, it was beyond what I had expected and in the process it became "OUR WEDDING" instead of "My Wedding." I am so glad it did! :-)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The wait was finally over...

August 3rd 2010 was the day when I left India to  make MY PLAN work :-)...I am wearing a smile right now when I think of all the things I had in mind, the person I was then and the things I thought I knew then!!! March 17th 2013 was the day I returned back to India, and I am still wearing THE smile on my face as I skim through what has transgressed during this time.

Happy I was then and Happy I am now!! ONLY because of all the people who have loved and cared for me more than than anything else.  This was one realization during my India visit this time!!!

With less than four weeks in hand and a mountain full of things to do, I myself never believed I would be able to complete them :-) . True I made the call to give up my time for meeting friends and doing some IMPORTANT things ( eating road side panipuri ) which I don't regret at all since this visit was meant to be for my family and for my wedding.

A lot has changed both for good and bad from what I recollect. It was hard to adapt to the expensive namma Bengalluru, adjust to the chaotic traffic but before I made the decision I can never fit  in my own home city, I was already one of them!! I would have never ever know how important my wedding was for everyone  than how important it was for me had I not seen it myself. My near and dear ones made my entire trip one heck of a jolly ride though I had a hectic schedule which would never be classified as a Vacation/Holiday or Trip.

March 17th - Landed in Bangalore
March 18th - Shopped for the wedding (Sarees)
March 19th - Shopped for the wedding  ( Gold + Tailor)
March 20th - Chennai/Tirupati (Visa Interview + Temple Visit)
March 21st - Chennai/Tirupati
March 22nd - Chennai/Tirupati
March 23rd - Wedding Preparation ( Hall + Beauty Parlor + Jeweler Hiring)
March 24th - Hassan ( Grans House)
March 25th - Subramanya
March 26th - Dharmastala
March 27th - Dharamastala
March 28th - Bangalore ( Visited Dads Siblings)
March 29th - Bangalore ( VISA documents collection)
March 30th - Bangalore ( Shopping for Engagement ring + collecting gold jewels)
March 31st - Mysore ( Temple + Family Visiting)
April 1st - Beauty Parlor + Collecting clothes from tailor
April 2nd - Mehandi Function
April 3rd - Haldi + Devara Pooje + Chapra Pooje
April 4th - Engagement + Barath + Thali Bandi
April 5th - Wedding + Reception
April 6th - Managlore ( Abhijith's Home)
April 7th - Reception
April 8th - Abhijith's Family Visting
April 9th - Registration of Marriage
April 10th - Abhijith's Family Visting
April 11th - Uagdi + Back to US

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I don't feel I am MARRIED :-P

All of you who are married tell me it takes a year to get that feeling ;-)... lets see :-P

Hoping to blog all about THE India Trip, My Wedding,  Our Families and more once I get sometime.

Till then TC,
Mrs. Abhijith

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's my wedding.....

Hello !!!

I am inviting you and your family for the auspicious occasion of my wedding with Abhijith Jain. Please see attached personal invite [ it is made from scratch by us!!! so it is indeed personal ;-)]. We also have a wedding website which has more information about us and the wedding. I would love to see you all during the wedding.

Please share with me your contact details so I can get in touch with you when I am in India.

P.S - I will be in India from March 17th - April 11th 2013. Email me if you need additional information or have any questions.

Address : 81, Karnataka Jain Bhavan, Shankarpuram Road,
Opp. V.V. Puram College, K.R Road , Bangalore – 560004.
Engagement : 4th April 2013 , 2:00 pm onwards
Marriage (muhartham ): 5th April 2013 , 9:50 am to 10:20 am
Reception : 5th April 2013 , 6:00 pm onwards
Website :

MISS. Arpitha Prakash
Excuse the spamming!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Drunkard in Me

After X years of my entry into the world, here is one more crazy thing I did last night. I managed to complete ONE full glass of white wine while at a conference. I am not sure if I went HIGH, but I did experience a little bit of dizziness and though I know I was talking real LOUD, I couldn't tone down my voice :-).

I never ever, as in NEVER EVER thought I would come to live a day where I would first of all drink, second of all not think too much about the act and third of all blog about it :-). Just to landmark this event in my life, which is NOT a BIG DEAL for many, I broadcast this news to some of my buddies who are good at Drinking and have always encouraged me to take the first step to join the drinkers club.

To all my well wishers, don't worry I won't go wild and crazy and start drinking, it was just a one time thing, one of the zillion things in my "TO DO LIST" before I get married away.

Cheers ( I mean it for the first time :-D )

Thursday, February 21, 2013

ASS Shopping is pretty much what I have been doing all the time. It is a different story that the hours I have indulged in shopping and the dollar amount spent on shopping don't match :-P!

I browse a zillion websites, talk to many people and discuss options on things to buy and yet there is never an end to it !!! As I am blogging I realize most of these  things are what I had once upon a time thought didn't "ADD VALUE" but when the question of Shopping come for Ones Own Wedding and for Ones Own Family for a special reason everything becomes IMPORTANT. Much to my surprise I spent 30 minutes to pick a Nail Polish for my MOM. That been said I have always been complimented for being a good female shopper :-).

Did realize I am not good at shopping when I do it alone - For one, I over spend, buy things way too fast because I get impatient and don't think too much  and two, yes a second opinion definitely makes a difference. Not surprised to know I enjoy shopping with only a few people. A friend might be super close and the best buddy but when it comes to shopping he/she might not be the best one ;-). Well it is different when we do  window(s) shopping :-). As the shopping spree continues I will unravel more secrets about Arpitha Shopping Style (ASS); rules and regulations and do's and do not's.

FYI - Special thanks to Abhijith Jain for been a consistent and a good companion to go out for shopping. I would rather not comment on his shopping techniques and styles because I don't want to get into any trouble and I need him to shop with me for few a few more weeks [FOREVER]! :-)

Monday, January 28, 2013

HOME here I come!!!

With all the wedding talks going on it is never a surprise for someone to get super excited!!! Most of you ask me this question and in all honesty, the fact that I am going back to Home after 3 looooooooooong years supersedes the reason I am going :-).  May be it is  unconventional but I am not longing for THE FOOD nor anything else...I am just longing to go back home. What better occasion to go than Ones Own Wedding. It is a bundle of joy waiting to be opened soon and the excitement is worth a million smiles :-)

Ahhhhhh Can't wait! Damn it!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First blog in 2013

If I remember correctly I had 2-3 things to blog about. Now that I am blogging I am not recollecting what  exactly I had in mind. This is just like a New Year resolution I had taken almost a decade ago. I had sworn to myself I will follow THE RESOLUTION and much to my disappointment I had forgotten it when I woke up the next morning ;-).

Hope the rest of my Posts this year don't follow this trend!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

A pleasant smile till the end.................

For the movie freak I am, it has been very long since I watched a nice "feel good" movie. Happened to see "The Magic of Belle Isle" and had this sweet pleasant smile the whole time :-). What a treat for a movie watcher like me :-) Absolutely loved the simplicity and the complications presented in such an elegant fashion!!!