Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our Wedding

Without lying let me be out right honest that I always had dreams about My Wedding! Who I need to marry, how I need to marry, how I need to look etc up to the most microscopic details one can ever think of!! :-) And continuing to be honest I do admit that the dreams changed over time from wanting to marry to the ideal HERO we see on the sliver screen to not marrying anyone at all :-P.

With the context been set let me talk about the actual wedding now.


P.S : I have been trying to blog about the wedding and have tried 3-4 times but each time I start blogging I get lost in my thought process. So I think it is better left "un"blogged. All in all, it was beyond what I had expected and in the process it became "OUR WEDDING" instead of "My Wedding." I am so glad it did! :-)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The wait was finally over...

August 3rd 2010 was the day when I left India to  make MY PLAN work :-)...I am wearing a smile right now when I think of all the things I had in mind, the person I was then and the things I thought I knew then!!! March 17th 2013 was the day I returned back to India, and I am still wearing THE smile on my face as I skim through what has transgressed during this time.

Happy I was then and Happy I am now!! ONLY because of all the people who have loved and cared for me more than than anything else.  This was one realization during my India visit this time!!!

With less than four weeks in hand and a mountain full of things to do, I myself never believed I would be able to complete them :-) . True I made the call to give up my time for meeting friends and doing some IMPORTANT things ( eating road side panipuri ) which I don't regret at all since this visit was meant to be for my family and for my wedding.

A lot has changed both for good and bad from what I recollect. It was hard to adapt to the expensive namma Bengalluru, adjust to the chaotic traffic but before I made the decision I can never fit  in my own home city, I was already one of them!! I would have never ever know how important my wedding was for everyone  than how important it was for me had I not seen it myself. My near and dear ones made my entire trip one heck of a jolly ride though I had a hectic schedule which would never be classified as a Vacation/Holiday or Trip.

March 17th - Landed in Bangalore
March 18th - Shopped for the wedding (Sarees)
March 19th - Shopped for the wedding  ( Gold + Tailor)
March 20th - Chennai/Tirupati (Visa Interview + Temple Visit)
March 21st - Chennai/Tirupati
March 22nd - Chennai/Tirupati
March 23rd - Wedding Preparation ( Hall + Beauty Parlor + Jeweler Hiring)
March 24th - Hassan ( Grans House)
March 25th - Subramanya
March 26th - Dharmastala
March 27th - Dharamastala
March 28th - Bangalore ( Visited Dads Siblings)
March 29th - Bangalore ( VISA documents collection)
March 30th - Bangalore ( Shopping for Engagement ring + collecting gold jewels)
March 31st - Mysore ( Temple + Family Visiting)
April 1st - Beauty Parlor + Collecting clothes from tailor
April 2nd - Mehandi Function
April 3rd - Haldi + Devara Pooje + Chapra Pooje
April 4th - Engagement + Barath + Thali Bandi
April 5th - Wedding + Reception
April 6th - Managlore ( Abhijith's Home)
April 7th - Reception
April 8th - Abhijith's Family Visting
April 9th - Registration of Marriage
April 10th - Abhijith's Family Visting
April 11th - Uagdi + Back to US

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I don't feel I am MARRIED :-P

All of you who are married tell me it takes a year to get that feeling ;-)... lets see :-P

Hoping to blog all about THE India Trip, My Wedding,  Our Families and more once I get sometime.

Till then TC,
Mrs. Abhijith