Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friends are Friends......

This may be a controversial topic :-) depending on who is reading it... nevertheless let me make an attempt to convey what I need to tell....
I don't have a lot of friends in my basket or rather I don't a have  a lot of "good" friends in my basket....may be because I am too choosy, too difficult to be friends with, too selfish or too straight forward or what my best friend from Engineering ASIMA calls"Complicated" . Whatever the reason may be, though I have a limited set of friends, I am very happy and content! However, here in Baton Rouge I have difficulty in finding people who can sync up with my thought process.... apparently my friends here don't understand what I say...:-)...I had my own doubts about this and had a thought that may be I really don't say things in ways that people can understand....however a week back I chatted with ASIMA after 1.5 years ( We email each other but have never had a live chat)...and we just picked up from where we left as if the time and distance made no difference...and she could get EXACTLY what I intended to say and commented "I have missed chatting with you like this"...there were no bounds to my happiness hearing someone understands what I mean to say and they acknowledged it!!! WOW!!! :-) Now when I see this seems to be true with all my friends I have had for many many years we pick up topics instantaneously and chat away to glory without having any communication gap.....
It makes me we loose tolerance to understand people as we grow older and  type cast people according to our convection.....or is it just my personal experience....


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thali! -> All things you want in one Plate.....:-)

Around the time when I was in middle school my family and my Aunt's family planned for a 1-day trip to a place close to Bangalore. And like all other trips this was a visit to a Temple. We were getting back from there late in the evening and my mom came up with the idea of visiting my grand mom's hometown on the way and slowly a mega plan was made on what places we should be visiting travelling back. The cab driver was upset ( too sad he cant get back home early on a weekend) and said why do you all want to add such small destinations when the main destination is covered! I said "Uncle, for lunch rice and sambar are the main course, that does not mean we would not want the appetizers, the desserts and ...." and the whole car exploded laughing.

I narrated this story since I was reminded about this episode recently when I was conversing with someone. It was about LIFE & CAREER! Yeah, we all know many of us might not get what we want in life and many of us might not get what we want in career though we deserve something more (trying to rationalize ;-) )!. Also just because our life or career goals (Main course ) are met should we stop pursuing the other ( appetizers, desserts)?? Well some people who keeping pursuing for better opportunities and advancements are called "Cunning" and some who are content and happy with what they have are called "Slackers"...but who are we to decide when our priorities are different from those we are trying to judge ?

Will we all be able to get all things we want in one life (Thali) ? Or do we keep cribbing, comparing, blaming and rationalizing for the BADS and think we rightly deserved the GOODS? For those who think like that,  remember Life is fair or unfair to all ;-), not unfair to only ME nor to U!

P.S - The reason for this blog been so "complicated"  if you think so is because I just took a 3 hours financial analysis quiz...Like the quiz I started off the blog with some idea and ending it with another idea.....and it so happens Finance is my fav subject ;-)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Transformed ME!

Never ever..ever as in EVER had I thought I would like to look like this...Never..ever...ever......

This picture was taken today...Football Game LSU Vs Florida here at Death Valley ( LSU College Football Stadium)

I think I am going to get a "little" mischievous while no ones here to watch over me!


Friday, October 7, 2011

3rd Semester - Mistake or Not Yet!!!

Blogging about my 3rd semester finally.....
Its different from my past 2 semesters in multiple ways :
1. I have taken 5 subjects this semester instead of the normal 4.
2. Had scheduled for CIA exams.
3. Outing with friends has extended from just Friday-Sunday to Monday-Sunday.
Overall, this has resulted in me having a real real busy scheduled not finding time for "myself". I have managed to Fail in an exam!!! Yes yes....I have FAILED.......and not to mention my grades have been consistently dropping in ALL classes...But I am still convinced it was good decision to take more courses this semester..The subjects are very interesting in the first place, I feel this makes this program more challenging for me that what it was already which definitely excites me and yeah multitasking, overloading oneself is part of what my work might be in the future....
I still believe this is a good decision and not a mistake...hope I am right..would take some more time until I get to know....:-)

As off now pretty geared up for next weekend..going for a Camping & Canoeing Trip ( not to mention its my 1st experience) ..hope I update on it sooooooon....

Happy Weekend

"BUSY" me.