Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rope Course!

A COLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Friday morning.....EARLY Morning (8 AM)...Temperature 6 Degree Celsius..less than 4 hours of sleep.....A team building activity I was adamant not to participate in and the tasks which gives me goose bums even now lay ahead of us. The fact that it was totally optional made it even more hard to move an inch towards it..... "ROPE COURSE".

I wanted to be a passive spectator rather I just wanted to tuck myself under the warmth and softness of my comforter back home. But the sight of a few MBA's doing it..that too Gals made me stand close to it and watch. All the while thinking "Why take the risk, I am not in a good mood or good shape, exams coming soon and it is totally OPTIONAL". And Yun ( MBA Classmate) who had just completed the task pushed me to try one of them.

1. Climb 15 Feet and walk on a wood log Millions of Miles apart ( that's how it felt when I was walking on it). Reach the other end and climb another 15 feet and this time walk on a rope. It took an eternity for me to do this and every step I took made me feel it more of a dream than  a reality.

2. I just got down from the 1st task, hands cold, legs shaking and all I needed was a "Physical" push by Yun to go in for the next one. This apparently was the most challenging one as per the instructor. As I was climbing 30 feet high on the pole, one of the clamps to hold the feet fell apart. I shuddered and it was a convenient excuse for me to back out. But the instructor and the MBAs encouraged me to go on. It was challenging and fun.

3. The 3rd one needed no push, I wanted to be done with it. Climbing on single pole 30 feet high, standing on it and free jumping [ almost like bungee jumping, which is my dream]. This by far was the hardest and scariest of the lot. I didn't do well in this may be because I was tired, scared or the fact that I didn't know how to balance myself on a pole!!!

End of it, I was content , happy and proud of myself for what I did :-) . It was worth the "RISK". To add to my happiness - for one of the team building activities my classmate and a very very good person [ according to me] lifted me single handed!!!! Wow!!! Am I that Weight"less" :-D

All in all Rope Course ROCKED me!!!

This is not me in the picture.

Hurt my little finger, since I was holding the rope very tightly while doing the last task.

P.S :

1. There were enough safety measures taken, so anyone and everyone can complete most of these tasks.
2. The motivation and push from the MBAs made me do it, if not I don't think I would be even blogging about it.
3. The wound pained like hell for almost 2 days, though it looks tiny and minuscule in the picture!