Thursday, June 6, 2013

So life does change after marriage...

You just get overloaded with more work!!! :-X

...Just Kidding (Not really)

So each time I start a conversation with anyone the first thing they ask is "How is Married Life" and the standard answer is "It is going good". So here is a detailed explanation of what it means:

For someone who had been away from home and staying all alone [ yes yes agreed I had and have some wonderful friends] it is awesome to have someone who is family to stay with! It has definitely made my life more structured. I am surprised to know how much work gets done during weekends and makes me wonder what was I doing when I was by myself. Well the answer is obvious, I would watch movies or read books till late in the night, get up in the afternoon next day and before I know it is already night ;-). It also feels good to sit along with someone and have food, tea or coffee. And most importantly when you are in the laziest moment you can sweetly request for some task to be done and in most cases it does get executed. Well there are off course that not so best moments also, but that better left un-blogged ;-).

All in all for sure had I not stayed alone for these many year I would have never ever know how life changes after marriage in the way I am realizing now.