Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Vacationing ;-)

Almost a year ago, in fact exactly a year ago I was on a vacation with friends for the first time ever :-). Visited California and New York. It was a fun trip [expensive being a student]. I loved every bit of the time I spent but longed to go back to Baton Rouge since I had some work to finish up :-).

This year, now that I am working didn't have the luxury of a months holiday during Christmas. However, made the most of the 4 days by visiting Los Angeles. A brilliant trip and totally unexpected fun in its own way. Day one was just driving through the coastal roads for 10 hours, day two was Universal Studios , day three was exploring Los Angeles other attractions and visiting Santa Monica Beach and day four was a non stop 5 hour drive back home and hogging the much missed home cooked food :-)!!! 

Vacations need not be days long, what makes them vacation is the experience, joy and content of vacationing! I have been lucky to have it for two consecutive years and am making a mental note to follow the tradition in the following years as well :-)

Happy Holiday Season!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 2012...........

All excited for 2012 to end and 2013 to begin.. hoping for some exciting and wonderful things in 2013 [ So the rush duh!!! ]... 2012 has been a mixed bag and often times I get caught up with what went good, what went bad, what I did was good/bad/ unjustified !!?!!!......

The likelihood and impact of the events in 2012 has had a Material effect in my life....looking forward to placing some  right controls to mitigate the risks and address the deviations ... hmmm these are the words of the THE EY Auditor :-)... if you get it good if not no worries.....

Arpitha Prakash
Advisory Staff