Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Universally True.....Wherever you go......

As a matter of fact, I had a bitter experience here in Dallas a couple of weeks ago. And at the end of it, I feel this is experienced by many in a new place and I was one of them this time.

I  had planned on going to the Mall to do some formals shopping for my work and thought of using the MetroRail to reach there. I have had good experience with the Rail and was not much concerned to go all by myself. But before I reached the Mall some unpleasant things happened :

1. I panicked on 2 occasions
2. Literally ran away from a person
3. Tripped and fell in the middle of a 4 road junction
4. Was almost dehydrated, fatigued and energy deprived by the time I reached the MALL.

When I think of it, I might not have had such an exaggerated experience had I been in a place I am well acquainted with or rather a place which I think I am in control!!!

It makes me wonder, there has always been the issues with Tourists ( International ) who have had unpleasant experience in India...well is it that it is because it is India or it is that it is a new place for the tourist.......I feel to some extent the latter has a role to  play with the experience..just like my own experience here at Dallas.

P.S : Lessons learnt
1. Have a  A-Z plan, information and strategy before you invade a new territory :-D
2. Don't be over confident and over smart in judging your own decisions on what you can handle ;-)

Fell free to add in your own lessons if any ;-)