Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Seeing off a friend to India...felt nice :-)

Even before my 2nd semester exams ended..I had some extensive plans on how to utilize the 3 weeks before I leave to Dallas. Then again, nothing works as "planned" all I have been doing is working for 4-5 hours a day, instead of 8 hours, catching up with friends in the evenings...sleeping at 2-3 AM and back to work at 11-12 in the morning. However, today I woke up at 6:30 AM despite the fact that I hit the bed at 3 AM after celebrating a couple of friends birthday. The reason, I got up this early was to see off a friend at the Airport.

I have known him for less than a year, and have had infrequent direct interactions with him. He is moving to a different university next semester and is visiting India before that. This was my last day to see him. Though we are not the best of the buddies, we both are movie buffs and he has suggested me so many movies over the 2 semesters that I felt I ought to see him off.

Once I was in the airport, there was this evil instinct of ditching him and getting into the plane instead of him :-)..but practically it isn't possible! However when I was still cribbing about it, I learnt that another friend of his hasn't visited India since 2002!!! yeah since 2002!!! OMG I cannot even imagine what must be going through that persons mind!!!However sad it may sound that's the reality. I immediately auto corrected my thoughts and felt happy that my friend is making a wise decision by visiting India and transferring to a different university. Wishing him all the best and success in his life..because he totally deserves it for all the hardship he has been through in the past 2 years.

P.S :  I feel no more bad for waking up!!! It served the purpose :-)

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