Monday, April 30, 2012

LSU Flores MBA - Class 2012

We are having our last set of presentations in our MBA class this week and I am thoroughly enjoying it! Each and every presentation has its own uniqueness and a personalized touch to it. I still remember the 1st semester where most of us were still inexperienced with our presentation skills.We were having notes in our hands, constantly reading out from the slides, using repaeted words like actually, now, bascially, moving forward at the beginning of each sentence, leaving a ghost image on the projector, showing our back to the audience and last but not the least having a lost expression on our faces while we were not talking!

Now I get to see people who are confident, dressed up! know what they are talking ( even if they don't, they know how to handle the pressure!!), bring in humor and genuineness into the presentation and most of all address the audience with a smile!

Well I learnt how to read a financial statement, calculate the value of a stock, implement couple of marketing strategies, perform statistical analysis and few other business related techniques! But of all things the MBA has definitely helped me groom my SOFT skills. All credits to the LSU Flores MBA Department and my fellow classmates!!!

Cheers to the LSU Flores MBA class 2012! 

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