Monday, July 9, 2012


Like most of them who come to US on a long term basis [either for studying or working], I always have the thought  when will I return back to my home country for good...or will I ever return?!

People in India say:
1. You are a PARdesi now
2. Once you are there for a long time you would not want to return
3. You are becoming more "Americanized"

People in US say:
1. You will never get the advantages you get here once you go back!
2. Even if you go back you will return sooner or later ;-)

Well, I just had this realization. In my two year stay I have:
1. Eaten Indian Food
2. Hanged out with Indians
3. Used Indian Products most of the time
4. Watched Indian Movies

Funny as it may sound, I have retained most of my Indian Culture & Habits to a very large extent. The only difference I find  is staying away from family.

 The decision to  stay in a place should be looked upon not only from the  benefits you get but how you would adapt to the place and its culture as well. If not I believe I am as  much a DESI & parDESI as anyone else either  back home or here. 

In Deep Thoughts,

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