Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our Wedding

Without lying let me be out right honest that I always had dreams about My Wedding! Who I need to marry, how I need to marry, how I need to look etc up to the most microscopic details one can ever think of!! :-) And continuing to be honest I do admit that the dreams changed over time from wanting to marry to the ideal HERO we see on the sliver screen to not marrying anyone at all :-P.

With the context been set let me talk about the actual wedding now.


P.S : I have been trying to blog about the wedding and have tried 3-4 times but each time I start blogging I get lost in my thought process. So I think it is better left "un"blogged. All in all, it was beyond what I had expected and in the process it became "OUR WEDDING" instead of "My Wedding." I am so glad it did! :-)

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