Friday, October 15, 2010

My perpectives change according to my convinience

I had my 1st set of mid term exams this week [ giving exams after 3+ years]. It was very challenging for me to sit for any length of time and write [ I am now more used to typing on the computers].

One Exam really went good [ Marketing] and the next 2 were terrible :
1. Information Systems
2. Accounting.

From what I have heard, here the professors curve [increase] the marks in case the performance of the entire class is bad.

And the grading system is
>= 90 - A Grade
89<= >80 - B Grade
69<= >89 - Grade C etc etc.

So even if you get a 70% [ which is considered really good in India], it is equivalent to flunking here!!

In India, if I pass I am good, if I get a First Class I am glad, if I get a First Class Distinction it is a miracle and it really didn't matter how others performed!!!

Now in US, my performance is totally based on the entire classes performance. If I belong to the majority of them who have done the exams really bad the professor will curve our grades. If I belong to the minority of people who have done the exams bad I have to leave with bad grades and if I belong to the minority of people who have done the exams really good, instantly I am the enemy of many :-). So me giving my exams and be done with it will in no ways is the end of the story.

Anyways the main point is since I did 2 of my exams really bad, instead of hoping to some how get good marks [ miracle] I am just hoping that the rest of the class also have done it really bad so the professor can curve our grades. I know it is a sad-dist thought, but I am only HUMAN I ought to think like one!!!


Gokul Rajesh said...

You... a saddist??? Come on tell us something new...

We all saw your face glowing when the bug count in Sai's module overtook ours :)

suresh said...

I knew frm the minute i read enemy word ..u wdnt want many to be ur enemy :P

arpitHa said...

@ Gokul : :-P :-P :-P

@ suresh : No clue what you mean