Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Avatar for my blog!

Hi Reverie Faithful Blog readers!!!!

First of all extremely sorry for not blogging this long. I have been busy with my course work!!! But if you come to think of it, my 1st job here is MBA. Evey thing else comes next!! [ Not really ;-)] so I think, me not able being to blog should be fine to some extent at least.

Anyways, after receiving 2 constructive feedback [ negative feedback] on my blogging style, I have decided to change my blogging style.

1. No more detail stories : Apart from the fact it discourages many of my readers, it is time consuming to write in depth and right now for me Time is EVERYTHING!!!!!

2. I would blog when there is something really interesting to share, no routine daily stuffs. You
guys must have understood my life here. Me having no sleep is a constant!!!

Anyways will cya all with my new blogging style some time soon. Till rest your eyes!!! :-D


Gokul Rajesh said...

Now I can't wait to read your blogs :P

If only you had done MBA before joining MT. :)

Abhijith Jain said...

Can we have better "Avatar" for the blog ;)

arpitHa said...

@ Gokul : How would it be really different ? :-/
@ Abhijith : What you want to see in my blog "Avatar" ? ;-)

suresh said...

my very faithfull blogger ..sorry for me not commenting ;)...dint have much time to write a comment ;)
SO called Avatar hmm dont change becoz some one doesnt like it.
Its ur blog just make sure it imprsd you first ;)

arpitHa said...

@ Suresh : I am not changing what I write or how I write etc. I am only condensing it a bit, and making my life and the reader's life a little bit easier thats all.