Friday, October 7, 2011

3rd Semester - Mistake or Not Yet!!!

Blogging about my 3rd semester finally.....
Its different from my past 2 semesters in multiple ways :
1. I have taken 5 subjects this semester instead of the normal 4.
2. Had scheduled for CIA exams.
3. Outing with friends has extended from just Friday-Sunday to Monday-Sunday.
Overall, this has resulted in me having a real real busy scheduled not finding time for "myself". I have managed to Fail in an exam!!! Yes yes....I have FAILED.......and not to mention my grades have been consistently dropping in ALL classes...But I am still convinced it was good decision to take more courses this semester..The subjects are very interesting in the first place, I feel this makes this program more challenging for me that what it was already which definitely excites me and yeah multitasking, overloading oneself is part of what my work might be in the future....
I still believe this is a good decision and not a mistake...hope I am right..would take some more time until I get to know....:-)

As off now pretty geared up for next weekend..going for a Camping & Canoeing Trip ( not to mention its my 1st experience) ..hope I update on it sooooooon....

Happy Weekend

"BUSY" me.

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