Thursday, February 16, 2012

BTR it is!

Well well well...May be I am blogging a little too early on this....but at the moment I feel like blogging and this is what is in my mind at the moment! :-)

Baton Rouge (BTR) as mentioned earlier has become Home Away from Home. Every time I have left this city, I have longed to come back...back HOME in US! With a few more months left before I might leave this place forever I feel I need to talk about it....

My favs in BTR are :

1. My Room!  [ I have never found another place where I might enjoy my sleep as much ] and over the 3 semesters I have managed to revamp my room and now I feel its PERFECT or rather close to being PERFECT at the least. I have accumulated so many things apart from what I had brought from India 1.5 years ago. It makes me sad when I think I might need to let go of somethings when I leave.......

2. CEBA Classrooms - Knowingly or unknowingly I am in love being a graduate student! Attending classes, working on individual assignments, group projects, group case presentations, sitting with my classmates, professors, business casuals, business professionals, Friday PoBs, quizzes, exams, grades name it and I love it in Grad School.

3. Work - To be very honest, as the semesters passed by my liking for my work place has come down due to various reasons. One being, I don't find it very challenging expect at times. Nevertheless, my work place has helped me learn, make new friends, grow my network and a place I know I can spend any amount of time by myself. It gives me the independence to work when I want to work and the flexibility to learn what I am interested in.

4. SSR & PR Home - Well this might sound funny, but their home is in fact my second home here in BTR. Any day, any time , any second I am sure I will feel more than comfortable been there! I have spent numerous hours and am willing to spend numerous hours there before I leave BTR. I am sure of all the places I am going to miss this the most.

Apart from these, I enjoy River Side Levy, LSU Lake, SSR Lab.............Here it is my world within BTR! If LSU was a city in itself then I think it would be just LSU...LSU and LSU for me :-)

I wish I could move LSU "along" with me when I graduated...May be it always was  "Move Along.........." not "Move on" :-)

P.S - SSR : Sai Sashankh Rao, PR : Pratp Rao

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