Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MBA Graduation Gifts!

Well the post title says it all but will try to make it a little bit more interesting.

1.A customized T-Shirt ornament gifted by someone special who is "practical" thinking and who probably would never do something like that ever!

2. A Dear Friend shopping LSU merchandise well in advance so I don't have to buy them!

3. A Friend and MBA senior who gifted 2 personalized coffee mugs instead of 1, so even by chance I break one I still have the other ;-)

4. My favorite Sweets - Kaju Burfi :-), by my roomy . That's what I had immediately after graduations. How "SWEET"!

5. A well thought gift, which will definitely be used in the long run and something I always wanted to have!

Gifts are even more special when you understand the trouble and thought process people take before gifting you... I would say they are just Priceless no matter what!!!Thanks to my friends for gifting me such lovely things :-) Always brings a smile on my face whenever I see them!!! :-)

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