Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Moving On..........

I have been terrified , petrified and what not for a very long time since the thought of moving out of Baton Rouge had hit me hard! [ No exaggeration ]

Well that was the "past" [ I hope so ]. Now if I think of it, my stay here has been so wonderful that asking for more is totally inappropriate. I have completed my studies on time, completed CIA certification, had a part time job [ which reduced my financial burden considerably], had an excellent learning experience, great classes, teachers and classmates, have traveled quiet a bit, did an internship and looking forward for a full time position and to top it all I am a changed person for good [ I think so]. Off course, I have met and made wonderful friends, not to mention how much I have learnt from them as well. Little did I know when I planned to come here that I would get so much of love, care, warmth and happiness from people. It has definitely effected me both for good and for bad. Being an optimistic person I should say its more of good and less of bad :-).

So when it's time to move on to a new place and possibly a new life instead of feeling sorry and sad about what I am leaving behind I want to be happy and content that I was lucky enough that all this happened to me and I got the opportunity to experience it ALL completely! No regrets what so ever [ at least so I don't disrespect what I have received Here in Baton Rouge! Here in LSU! Here in the TIGER Nation ]