Saturday, June 30, 2012


I should have been in 4th-5th Standard when I learnt how to cycle. If I am correct I has a old reallllllllllllllllly old cycle given by one of my mom's cousins. How I wish I has the pictures :-). Anyways, if I am correct I learnt riding a bicycle all by myself [ that's what I claim, that too without falling....] Much to my dismay, the first time I demonstrated my cycling skills to my brother and his friend I ended up hitting a cement block and injuring myself very badly. The cycling days to school started in 8th standard and I had my hero ranger[Pink] cycle with me till my 1st year of engineering. I felt terrible my dad sold the bicycle, though I got the money ;-).

Moving on, my dad bought me a Honda Activa [Blue] while I was in my 2nd year engineering. He taught me how to ride it for 3-4 days. My mom was very disappointed with my learning and one fine evening she told me to go on a ride all by myself. Wow!!! That's a ride worth remembering. Driving through the narrow lanes of Ulsoor->LIDO Theater->Ulsoor Market->Back Home! After that there was no stopping between me and the Activa. I have completely enjoyed it for 6 years in Bangalore.

Now!!!! Since I have moved to San Jose, driving a car by myself is inevitable. Have been practicing for few days now and I only wish I get through learning it and have a pleasant experience like the cycle and the bike. So scared and cautions! God Save me and the ones around me on road :-)

P.S : I have had my stint of riding geared bikes as well. Can mange just up to 125cc in low traffic zones :-).


Abhijith Jain said...

All The Best :) by the way can we have 'L' sign sticker on car? I think NO..

arpitHa said...

:-) NO !