Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Life's Journey can be Exotic! :-)

I was a TV addict once upon a time. I have browsed through so many channels and so many TV shows. My usual favorites were related to food, be it cooking, food fests around the world, special delicacies of a city or just a renowned eat out shop!

One of those days, I had seen a Garlic Food fest on AXN. I was initially shocked, then curious and finally interested in it. I still remember Garlic Ice Cream and had a questions "Will I ever get to taste it?!" That was like centuries ago and soon time engulfed that memory!

Well, the story fast forwarded to last Saturday when I visited Gileroy (30 mi from SJC) and attended the "Gileroy Garlic Fest". I could not believe I was actually eating THE garlic ice cream. Yes, its one of those times when you just do a recap of where to where you have been in your life's journey. It is true that career progression, wealth accumulation or family growth measures one's life's journey. Nevertheless certain experiences which you thought would never become real definitely  makes life's journey exotic. It could be as small as listening to the sound of water rather than hearing it out all the time or just standing in line for the garlic ice cream and realizing your question is answered!!!

My friends and I hogged on the garlic french fries, garlic bread, garlic ice cream ( plain, roasted almond, pistachio and chocolate ), garlic dark/milk chocolate bars. I must agree after a few minutes I was sick of the Garlic :-D.

Now come to think of it, I still have this wish of trying the Makkan (Butter) served in a Matka (Mud Pottery) in Lucknow. Only God knows if I will ever get to go there and taste.......

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