Sunday, August 26, 2012


History repeats again...

I thought I forgot how hard  it was to leave home and come to US....think of it the initial excitement of staying independent, going to grad school, learning the new life style soon dies down and you are back to being home sick.. it was almost a year by the time I found LSU Home away from Home... may be because I met the "right" kind of people..which I thought would never happen at LSU :-)...

Always was sure moving to San Jose would be a cake walk but was proved so wrong!!! Leaving LSU was as painful as leaving home! And never did I think San Jose will be heard to settle down but once AGAIN I am proved wrong... True I have my brother, friends I have know forever! good Indian food , work to keep me busy... but somewhere deep down the loneliness of a new place is engulfing me... Sometime I think I am asking for too much... there is nothing that could have been better than moving to a city like San Jose...dono if I will ever feel San Jose HOME!!!

I wish I do :-)

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