Sunday, November 25, 2012

In Reality...

It will be hard to blog on this though...but let me try...

The financial status of my family has grown from poor (grand parents) to middle class  ( parents
) to "hopefully" upper middle class during my generation. Though I wouldn't say I have faced a lot of financial issues during my lifetime, I would definitely say I have seen, learnt and to a large extent practiced spending on a need basis rather than a want basis [ few exceptions included]. And this has grown over a period of time in me with various exposures, experiences and responsibilities.

Just reflecting on this after a shopping spree during Thanksgiving 2012! My third thanksgiving in US!!

For the first one, I recollect buying nothing for myself except for body lotion for my mom and an electronic camera for Abhijith. Off course I did not have to pay for both of them. My second thanksgiving I was rather more flexible and shopped for a dress and socks if I remember. This time I had planned for a good amount of things, since I had not shopped after I started working. But my budget was very very low due to various reasons. However, I ended my shopping a whole lot [ No regrets[. This is only because I feel I am capable of handling this expense and the reason is also because the shopping items were on the border line between need and want. The human tendency to just break the rule once. I am content and should not be shopping till I plan to visit India next.

However in reality.... ;-)

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