Monday, November 19, 2012

Balancing Equation!

I am sure this feeling is shared by ALL of us! If not I would think something is definitely wrong with me!!! Not that I know of  it already :-D

If I don't get calls from family when I expected them to call, a wish from a dear one when I felt it was needed, an update about something I think I should know...if any of these things don't happen two things follow:

1. I feel so angry with the person who did not meet my expectation ;-)
2. I feel so alone thinking no one cares for me ;-)

Well it is true and I know both 1 & 2 are just a temporary passing feeling  but still once in a while I get caught up with it :-)

And then there are those days when someone does something totally unexpected:

1. A friend and a student at LSU mentioned my name in his Master's Thesis "Acknowledgement" section. I have no clue what made him do that, but it made me feel good and guilty for having my name mentioned .

2. A random person from Craigslist who has emailed me after 6 months to know  I am still interested in his palce. I was the one who had contacted him 6 months ago and unfortunately he had already picked his tenant that time, He had told me he would get back to me once something comes up!

Well I always say Nature has it's own way of balancing: Some examples are
1. Boys vs Gals :-P
2. Vegetarians vs non vegetarians (Obviously)

And may be the expected being full filled by an unexpected is one of these Balancing Equations !!!


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