Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Drunkard in Me

After X years of my entry into the world, here is one more crazy thing I did last night. I managed to complete ONE full glass of white wine while at a conference. I am not sure if I went HIGH, but I did experience a little bit of dizziness and though I know I was talking real LOUD, I couldn't tone down my voice :-).

I never ever, as in NEVER EVER thought I would come to live a day where I would first of all drink, second of all not think too much about the act and third of all blog about it :-). Just to landmark this event in my life, which is NOT a BIG DEAL for many, I broadcast this news to some of my buddies who are good at Drinking and have always encouraged me to take the first step to join the drinkers club.

To all my well wishers, don't worry I won't go wild and crazy and start drinking, it was just a one time thing, one of the zillion things in my "TO DO LIST" before I get married away.

Cheers ( I mean it for the first time :-D )

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