Thursday, February 21, 2013

ASS Shopping is pretty much what I have been doing all the time. It is a different story that the hours I have indulged in shopping and the dollar amount spent on shopping don't match :-P!

I browse a zillion websites, talk to many people and discuss options on things to buy and yet there is never an end to it !!! As I am blogging I realize most of these  things are what I had once upon a time thought didn't "ADD VALUE" but when the question of Shopping come for Ones Own Wedding and for Ones Own Family for a special reason everything becomes IMPORTANT. Much to my surprise I spent 30 minutes to pick a Nail Polish for my MOM. That been said I have always been complimented for being a good female shopper :-).

Did realize I am not good at shopping when I do it alone - For one, I over spend, buy things way too fast because I get impatient and don't think too much  and two, yes a second opinion definitely makes a difference. Not surprised to know I enjoy shopping with only a few people. A friend might be super close and the best buddy but when it comes to shopping he/she might not be the best one ;-). Well it is different when we do  window(s) shopping :-). As the shopping spree continues I will unravel more secrets about Arpitha Shopping Style (ASS); rules and regulations and do's and do not's.

FYI - Special thanks to Abhijith Jain for been a consistent and a good companion to go out for shopping. I would rather not comment on his shopping techniques and styles because I don't want to get into any trouble and I need him to shop with me for few a few more weeks [FOREVER]! :-)

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