Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cycle and Car!!!

Not sure if I had blogged about this earlier, but in Spring 2012, my last few weeks at LSU and Baton Rouge, I was a victim of a stolen bike. The worst thing was it was a borrowed from a dear friend. I was irresponsible which lead to the calamity must I say!!! I was so angry, hysterical about what had happened that it took me months to get over it. Believe it or not, I had filed a police report and frantically searched all over the place for hours for the stolen cycle :-) That was me OVER REACTING.. but it felt quiet normal then!!!

And just two weeks ago, someone broke into my car by breaking in the passenger back seat rolling window, stole the off the market GPS + Stereo System!!! I followed the routine of filing the police report, calling the insurance agent, informing at work I will be late, asked help to get the glass pieces cleaned and drove to work. I met my Manager, with a funny smiling face and he is like "I thought someone broke in to you car?" with a confused expression on his face. However this time I was apparently reacting the way I was not supposed to and yet it felt quiet normal....

Well as long as feeling normal is still GOOD! :-D


Abhijith Jain said...

This time you had insurance. May be that's why you were smiling :)

arpitHa said...

How funny Honey Bunny! :-)