Thursday, October 24, 2013

Yet Again I am Proved Right!!! ha ha....

I must have definitely blogged about one of my very strong belief... "Everything happens for ones own good" and once again I was proved so correct just last evening.

I was trying to find the reasoning behind some of my actions and the path I choose though I knew it would lead to no result. Time and again I haven't got a solution or a reasoning to it, which has frustrated me so much and has made me feel guilty for a long time now. The angelic call I got and a few sentences kinda resolved everything...!!! damn YOU Arpitha !!! Don't you ever forget " Everything happens for ones own good" ever again....all the tears...all the tension...all the guilt..all the DRAMA... OMG!!! don't get me started....and after all this...Ah... what a relief :-) I am :-) :-) :-)

Optimism at its HIGHEST level!!!

If only, I resolve the reason why I was offered a job at EY and why I accepted it, I will take this belief as a TESTAMENT from GOD!!! ;-)

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