Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cycling, Football & Shopping - Busy Weekend!

Day 3, 19th September 2010

It is the time to "SHOP”!!!!

My brother had sent me a coupon of Express - A Branded Retails Chain of Clothing stores!!! It had a 40% discount for a $100 purchase and was expiring on 11th October 2010. Since Hari also intended to do some shopping for his Birthday, we decided to go to the Louisiana Mall that afternoon.

So after the Sunday routine of taking head bath etc etc and having a quick brunch we left to the mall. Here Mall just means a place where you can find many shops or building’s for shopping. It is never a single multistory building with even multiplexes in them. The max you can find might be a 2 story buildings. The surface area is so much that it might be a 10-50 minutes to walk diagonally. After, a few minutes of losing our way, Hari checked the location of the Express shop from one the shoppers and we went in. My basic goal was to shop for just $100 and not a penny more than that. Though I did my bit of formal shopping in India for MBA classes, I nowhere meet the dress etiquettes followed here!! I know with so much pain and effort Abhi and I have hunted for good brands and good shirts and pants but the business professional clothes I have belong to business casual’s category here!! So as dictated by my brother I wanted to buy a Pencil Skirt and a nice blouse [Which would suit different bottoms!!]. After trying a lot of skirts and blouses I zeroed down to a black pencil skirt and a purple blouse [LSU color]. When I tried the completed outfit Hari Commented “you Look totally Like a Different Person" This I take as a complement given the fact Hari never gives a damn to any of these stuffs. Pri did help me decide what to buy and what not to so I owe her big Thanks!! Once I was satisfied with my selection I went to bill it and realized I was $20 short for a $100 bill. So I picked up a lovely pearl necklace which would go with the entire professional attire!!!

Once we left the shop, my next item were a pair of comfortable flat semi-formal shoes for daily wear to class. The one I got from India has almost wore out, so I got a $10 speedo semi-formal black shoes [with a 50% discount]. Next we moved on Dillard’s showroom, where Pri and I persuaded, convinced, confused and made Hari buy a pant, 2 T-Shirts and a belt for his Birthday. By then I was almost exhausted and I had a test the next day, so I insisted we head back home without making any pit-stops for a drink or a snack. And oh yes!!

We did have some snaps taken all our way through shopping so you guys can see the Mall Concept here!!!

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