Monday, November 15, 2010

Me Danced! :-D

I accepted the offer to anchor a Indian Fest conducted by ISA ( Indian Student Association) called UTSAV at LSU because, the person who asked me was dear to me :

1. He was one of the people who came to pick me from the airport, when I 1st landed in Baton Rouge
2. I adored his compering skills during our welcome party and the way he conducted himself!

So 4 days before the actual event I go for doing my script rehearsals and by the end of it all I know is I am dancing for a kannada song! [ Jinke Marina..yes yes you read it right it is JINKE MARINAAA only and yep you got it Arpitha was dancing for it]

The ISA people had this idea of doing a medley of Indian songs for the final performance and we all were requested to participate. I didn't want to be the only one objecting it and putting down the enthusiasm, I tried to escape by telling I am busy etc but it didn't work ;-). So since I was already in deep soup why not enjoy it ? And that is exactly what I did!

The anchoring and the dance were both appreciated by many people. And I am glad about it. Most importantly I had a blast doing it! Wouldn't mind trying it once again somewhere sometime.

The Dance Video


Abhijith Jain said...

Whr is Dance pics??

arpitHa said...

Hmm it is in Picasa...I will update the blog and put the pics as well...Have patience :-D