Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh ho its "HOT"

During the 1st Launch week, I had missed a company visit! from MBA!! And every time I see the awesome blanket that my classmates received from them, I feel BAD and SAD! I don't want to miss anything as part of MBA, since I am here missing a lot of other stuffs back home...Makes sense right!

So last Friday, 12th Nov 2010 we had a company visit to Tabasco (Sauce Manufacturing Company, located at Avery Islands ,2 hours drive from Baton Rouge). It was painful to get up at 6 AM after having a busy week with Marketing Presentation. Thanks to Praveen, who dropped me to school. We got into huge Hi-tech buses and the moment I sat I slept! 1 hours of bliss full sleep made me feel good and once we got off we were welcomed with some awesome donuts, and coffee! The trip was worth this at least :-D. It is basically a family businesses and owned for about 200 years now. The whole place was green and spread till where I could possibly see. The architecture of the buildings was British based I felt. So we visited the actual red chilly factory, tasted a fresh paste of hot pepper and man it was "HOT", people were coughing, crying, jumping, cursing once they tasted 1 tiny particle of it! Imagine when is is zillion times hotter than green chilly for me, how that non-spice eaters would have felt.

We next had a presentation about the history of the company during whcih time I had another cup of coffee and was chatting with my buddies back home. Finally we visited the manufacturing and packaging division and it was a good experience indeed. We finally had to grab a sandwich and head back to the buses. Way back, I didnt sleep rather I chatted with my MBA friends and came to LSU by afternoon.

I still feel the burn in my stomach when I remember the taste of the hot pepper!! ;-)

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