Monday, November 15, 2010

Mother of All Presentations

Back in engineering I and Asima had struggled to do presentations! We used to be nervous just like the rest of them not because we did not know how to speak, but because we did not know what to speak that sounded "technical" ;-). I must agree, that Asima was a much better presentation maker than I was. I ROLF laugh when I remember the multi-color slides I had come up with and how she convinced me to go with a single sky blue background!

Now after 3 years, I am more confident and comfortable to talk about anything with anybody for any length of time. I am not trying to boast, but just giving a base for my next reading.

So here in MBA, as you all know there are infinite presentations and discussions. have been doing good so far. But, for marketing we just need to give 1 presentation for the whole semester for about 45 minutes. The prof is real good, he is the sport management guy at LSU for football as well. he will analyse, observe and critique your entire presentation on the way you dress, walk, talk, breathe, eat, sit and behave in the class the day you are presenting! Fortunately or unfortunately we were the last team to go for it, 10th Nov 2010!

Off course I had the same old fear I had back in engineering for this one! 1 week of exhaustive meetings, brainstorming and discussion with the prof made us put up a great presentation for the class. We however, did not win the extra 10 points that we compete for with another team who present on the same case study, but we were happy and content by our performance. But, what was most important for me was the prof feedback on my presentation and it was good, which made me all smile!

Now I can sit back and take a break not worrying about presentations till god knows when! :-)

And on the day of our presentation, I took my classmates to an Indian Restaurant and they just relished the food! :-)