Monday, December 13, 2010

1st Sem MBA.....

Completing my 1st Sem MBA feels GREAT!!! But when I look at the past few months, I realize I have changed a lot as a person and my views about things have also changed. I shall just talk about one point of view in this blog.

To begin with, I was wondering doing BE in ECE [IEEE paper published, good reputation at college etc etc] then moving to Software for 3 years [Managed to get a good name in that. Gokul Please don't comment] and now out of nowhere MBA. You cannot even "TRY" connecting the dots :-). I used to say people I am the worst possible combination:-P. Now I feel WOW!!!!!! Really doing ECE at UVCE made me learn to study independently!! This has definitely helped my MBA, because I had to take a few courses I had no inkling and I did manage to fare well in them :-). Next coming to my Software profession, I had never ever done any Software Programming ever and to clear the Mind Tree assessment and finally doing 2 full time projects has just made me mentally and physically prepare for worst case scenarios. I have utilized that to the fullest in my 1Sem MBA with hectic course work, work and other stuffs that came along.

Yes the past experience might not have any connection to what I am doing. But I never would have been the same person I am today without them and I totally respect them for it. I can and will continue to explore more and more options whether it be in education or in general stuffs. Because I feel I have the "GUTS" to take up new things and do unusual things out of the routine :-). All thanks to my 1SEM MBA.

P.S: Though I boasted about myself, all this wouldn’t be possible without the love, support and trust my near and dear ones have showed me to date J


Gokul Rajesh said...

Nice Pitha... Please write your other points of view also.

See... I am not all that bad either ;)

arpitHa said...

Wow! I am glad :-D