Monday, December 13, 2010

I miss you more!

Constant complaint we all hear from people living outside India is " I miss Indian Food". That's the same case even with me, been a junk food eater who enjoys food more than anything else. So after I came here all of us do end up in conversations about the good old times where we could eat mouthwatering food from so many places. But soon I realized when we start talking about food, I always associate it with my friends and family! Here is the list -

1. Home Food -> Mom, Grand mom, Aunt and at times dad, bro
2. Shanthi Sagar, Food Camp, Sweet Chariot -> Family
3. Karthi Sweets, Shiv Sagar Commercial Street -> Reema and Sindhu
4. Adigas, Chalukya, road side pani puri -> Asima
5. BBQ, Masala Cafe, Gullus & Chetty's, ISKON Cafe -> Footloose
6. Shiv Sagar, Adigas Banashankari -> Ambia, Megha, Smitha
7. VVP Puram Street, Vidyaranyapura Pani Puri Stalls -> Uday
8. Mindtree Cafes -> ESP team members
9. All possible food outlets in NEW BEL Road -> SLK friends
10. All the junk food treats like samosa's, bajji's on the way from Mindtree to Home -> My cabmates
11. The lavish food at Bombay House, Taste of Rampur, BBQ -> Shehnaz and Divya

and to top this list is Abhijith with whom I have visited most of these places :-). Yes I do miss eating these food items, but I would never do it alone even if I get the opportunity since it would never be as or enjoyable in the absences of my family and friends. So the point is " I miss you guys more than my food" [ That's so sweet of me! Is it not ? ]

P.S : I would update the list as and when I remember. Sorry if I have missed you in the list. My Bad.


suresh said...

what evr u missed is only in Bangalore ....U leave bangalore u will miss these places for sure :)

arpitHa said...

I totally agree :-)

Ms. Raman said...


Ever since You and Chad left to the other continent, I stopped visiting Shiv Sagar.. Haven't gone into it.. I pass by it everytime (those are rare times) I go to Comm St, but choose some other place to eat.. :( :( I am waiting for the day when you both are here so that we can relive those magical moments

Ms. Raman said...

...And I miss you both when I have home made Pani Puri!

arpitHa said...

:-) I get it!!! I miss you too Sindhuuu [ taklu Style]

Anonymous said...

And I miss his shiny head!

arpitHa said...

Sindhi gal we all miss it! Now I guess it might be full moon ;-)