Monday, December 13, 2010

Shopping in Dollars with Indians!

It is a know fact that during Thanks Giving holidays, we get super cool discounts for almost anything and everything in US. Most of the Malls have their discounts starting mid night of Black Friday and extending till next day. Apparently most people end up shopping the whole night going from malls to malls and handpicking their choices. But as you all know, how lazy I am and how sleep addictive I am :-D [ In case you didn't you just got to know! Congratulations! ] I choose to go to the mall the following morning with Aashay, Trina & Ayan. Aashay had the whole plan in place, only thing is none got executed other than the fact that the 4 of us made it :-D.
1. We were waiting for the local bus at 7 AM in the morning when it was raining heavily and was freezing cold and somehow got a bus by 8:15 AM ;-)
2. Ideally the shopping was "supposed" to end by 12:30 and we had to broad the bus back home. But our shopping officially ended by 5 PM. This was because all were shopping individually and due to the sad cell phone service we were unable to reach each other inside the mall. I believe we spent more time waiting for each other than for shopping ;-)
3. Best of all, we went to Best Buy [ electronic appliance store] and after a lot of research, discussions etc we 4 bought the same Sony Camera :-)
4. Headed back home all tired!!! But with an experience of a kind ;-)

I managed to get a few body lotions for parents and myself and the camera. That was it!!!. Trina did her own bit of "useful" shopping. Ayan who didn't plan to shop ended up shopping more than us ;-). And last but not the least, Aashay shopped for himself more than for his family [ he is visiting India this December] :-P.

End of it whether you are a Desi / American you are human, and that's the reason I felt the rush here was just like what I see in Lifestyles, Westsides, BigBazaar or for that matter any other store in India, where people gather where there are discount sales.


Ms. Raman said...

I woke up @ 7 am when Macy's half price sale was on starting @8am!! lazy bum..wake up early the next time

arpitHa said...

I woke up at 5:30 AM gal...just that I didn't do a night out. I have never done one for studying [ I am proud of it] so thought just for window shoppings it is not worth! May be next time..hehehehe :-P