Sunday, January 2, 2011

1G -> 2G

Well to make myself clear this post is not about 1G, 2G, 3G or 4G mobile phones :-P...sorry for disappointing some gadget freaks! :-D

Until recently I was still the 1G person, whose main goals were to have fun, hang out with friends, party in awesome restaurants, have the latest and trendy wardrobe, be up to date with whats happening in the Film Industry, gossip about everyone, make prank calls, comment on "cute" guys and so on and so forth....[hope you get the idea]....
Even now the above said stuffs holds good, but this is not my entire life. With many of my friends getting married, becoming parents, few getting "committed", few pursuing their dreams [ apart from engineering :-)] and me trying to stay INDEPENDENT..I see a gradual and graceful change in all of us...Now the conversation with my dear friends starts with how are you? how is family? How is your respect partners (kids) ? how is work ? what have you planned for future ?....Instead of starting with YOU KNOW WHAT...YOU WILL GET A SHOCK HEARING THIS...GUESS WHAT!!!....all of these ending with gossips ;-)....
When I think about a few friends of mine, the 1st thing that comes to mind is their kids :-)..not their some lovely dress, footwear or accessories I might have liked...When I think of past outings with them..I think we all should go there once again with our respective families...and when I plan my next trip to India..I am sure I would buy gifts for the kids and not for the parents...(advance sorry) and yes off course I have started thinking more responsibly and selflessly than I used to ( my mom would never ever agree to this)...well some call it Maturity, some call it growing OLD... I see it as a graceful transition from being
1G -> 2G.

When I move from 1G-> 2G, my parents move from 2G->3G. So the 1G gap between us will always stay, hence I would always been a kid for them and I like it that way.
When I move from 1G->2G, my friends also are in the same transition [ Some of you might not agree]...but its a fact and whether they behave like one or doesn't matter..we are still the same G people... ;-)

So here is me self proclaiming I am in the transition phase of being a 2G..and I am LOVING IT!!! for those who want to say I am OLD...please look at day you also would be in my shoes :-P

G -> Generation

So which G are you ? :-P


Gokul Rajesh said...

Even your blogs are 2G these days!!! Nicely written...

arpitHa said...

What do you mean 2G blog ? ;-) technically speaking..and yeah quiet a few of my frens have liked this post :-)