Monday, January 10, 2011

Keeping myself preoccupied :-P

I had close to 40 days of hols after my 1st term exams and I had planned a lot on what I am supposed to be doing which would be most productive and effective! :-P thinking like an "MBA" person...and as usual something else happened...

The Actual Plan :
1. Work for 40 hrs a week as a software developer
2. Borrow some marketing text book from my prof and off course read it "GK"!
3. Get my driver's license for 4 wheeler
4. Prepare for the Internal Auditing Course [ the screwing one of all! ]

Why it didn't work :
1. Do to some complications in paper work, the employer couldn't hire me during the break :-/
2. After exams were over, I didn't even look at the Marketing Department :-P
3. The person who was supposed to teach me driving was busy, so zero progress on that :-(
4. We didn't get the course material for studying Internal Auditing! :-D

What "Actually" Happened :
1. Sleep for 10-12 hrs a day, with no alarms waking me up
2. Watched a few TV series like Desperate housewives, Lost and How I met your mother
3. Watched various flavours of movies right from action. comedy, feel good, horror, drama and thrillers ( suspense n romantic ) in English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Japanese/ Chinese and French
4. Rediscovered my passion for Cooking! And yeah prepared some yummy innovative food!
5. Visited Baton Rouge Down Town [Commercial Area] and LSU campus and took over 1k snaps [ from 4 cameras]!
6. Had been to a few potlucks and invited a few people to home for Break Fast and Lunch
7. Finished reading "Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown
8. In the process of teaching a friend of mine .Net [C#]
9. Got a new hair-cut for $20!!!
10. The usual routine of shopping, house keeping etc
11. Chatting with my friends and keeping in touch with them

Well I have managed to keep myself as much "preoccupied" as possible which was neither productive not effective as per the initial plan :-P..but what the heck..this could possibly me my last set of hols as a student where I can decide what to do..So I did what I wanted to do :-D

P.S : With the next sem starting shortly I am DAMN scared..can I go back to 4-6 hrs of sleeping, no entertainment, busy-schedule, alarm clocks and what not!!!????

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