Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Done with 3rd Sem....One More to Go!!!!

Yo Yo!!! I have successfully completed my 3rd semester roller coaster ride!!!! And I  am :-) & :-( about it at the same time!!!!
I remember, a few days after the initial excitement of coming here I just wanted to be done with things and move on...In fact I distinctly remember  having the conversation with a few friends here when I had said " I have come here to get my masters and not for making friends".....[This might be my natural thought knowing the fact that I am over EMOTIONAL DRAMA person => stay away stay safe]
Now after 3 semesters...my CEBA class room, my classmates, preparing for the whole day stay on campus, frequent visit to my work place each day, meeting buddies, late night sleep is MY LIFE!!!!
I can proudly accept I may not be the exact same person I was when I left India. It makes me wonder was I always like this or have I transitioned over a period of time....or is it just human "adaptation" taking over me!!!! Each time I iterate through these thoughts I get LOST even more.......
Thinking beyond all this is the reality.... my stay in Baton Rouge is short LIVED...will I enjoy my last semester stay here or will I be more worried about leaving this place soon...I don't know....Or may be I don't  want to move or don't want to think about it.......
For the time being I am just excited about the vacation time in December with my Brother and my MT friends. Hope spending time with them will help me clear up my thoughts......

:-) / :-(

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