Saturday, March 10, 2012

Angola Prison

Found in 1800's. 18K acres of farm land, covered by Mississippi river on 3 sides, 6k Prisoners, 5 camp sites, self sufficient in terms of meeting day to day groceries, bears, alligators, bloody dogs, wolves, dog, cat & camel, 1.5k guards, high security prison in US, Converted from the "Most Bloodiest to the most safest prison".

Visiting the lethal injection room - People executed, eat their last meal, allowed to hug their Moms only.

Lunched in one of the dining hall : Food prepared by  offenders , served by offenders.

Dormitory : Snooker table, Foosball table, Television, phone booths, bunk beds and offenders leading a normal life

Chapel : Listening to an offender who has served 22 years in jail. Seemed optimistic about life - Inspirational.

Museum : Artifacts showcased. Goodies sold.

10 seconds of loosing temper - Serving Life Imprisonment
Choose either to visit a Mom in coma now or attend her funeral - Only one visit allowed
Victims family can see the lethal injection execution
Death penalty take 15-20 years before its been executed
Person on death penalty can hug only his mom. This is for the mom sake not for the prisoners sake.
Allowed to eat last meal of their choice
Person served 27 years in prison, was free to move around on campus, attempted to escape - Now in cell for 23 hours a day! 
Left over food , mixed and baked and again served for the prisoners
Rodeo event 2 times a year - A chance for the offenders to earn some money

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