Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Just a Thought!

Been sick ( cold and fever) for two days now and my craving for homemade RASAM is directly proportional to the downtime of my sickness..... my parents used to place so many dietary restriction on us when we were sick and I  used to wait to break their rules!!! :-D Now I have been acting like an adult and watching over my food intake myself! Under these circumstances a thought crossed my mind......

In-spite of having access to the best food [ What I have understood now!], there was always this unfulfilled desire to be able to buy and eat all the chocolates, ice creams, crunchy snacks and other eatables belonging to this category of food family :-D and now though I have the "ability" to do so I am conscious of having a "balanced" diet filled with the supposedly boring "Fruits & Veggies" :-)..there is a saying in KANNADA.. A person who has tooth does not have the dry nuts and the person who has the dry nuts does not have the tooth for chewing the dry nuts...HOW TRUE!!!

Well well well this was JUST A THOUGHT!

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