Monday, September 20, 2010

Cycling, Football & Shopping - Busy Weekend!

Day 1 - 17th September 2010

For a very long time, I had plans for going on a cycle ride around the 6 mile lake near LSU campus called the "LSU Lake". Last Friday, I decided to make this wish come true!!! I got off work by 5:00 PM, went home got fresh and boarded Transit to take me to LSU Recreation & Gym Building. Here we can borrow bicycles for 2 hours each day without paying any FEES!!! I know that is really COOL. So after finishing the initial formalities, We got the bicycle with a sexy helmet!!!

We started off by around 7:15 PM I guess. When I initially started peddling, for about 5-10 minutes I could hear a couple of bones crack in my body. GOSH!!! I know, I had become that inflexible and rusty :-). And yeah, it took a lot of effort, sweat, courage and energy to just make the cycle move by peddling. The 1st round was exhaustive, and I was pretty sure I would never attempt anything like this again. The only thing in my mind was "Arpitha, keep peddling and keep moving, don't stop for a break because if you did!!! then you would never get back on the cycle!!" :-) But the good thing about it was, it made me feel less guilty for eating Cheese, Butter, Cookies and what not the whole week ;-). Hari 's presence also helped a lot, but I guess I spent some of my energy talking to him, which otherwise might have been used for peddling [ seriously I was that tired!!!] and yeah he took some snaps of me riding!!!.

Finally, we completed one round and stopped to take some rest. Hari and Pri were planning for a second round [ which I was not going to do, if I didn't want to faint while cycling] So we sat and were discussing our options and as seconds passed by, I felt better!!! Yeah, I felt so relaxed after a short break that I was in for the 2nd round. 2nd round, was not that exhaustive; may be because we were riding slowly or may be because by then my mind and body was ready for what was ahead. We chatted all the way along while riding. At the end of it I felt I could do with one more round!!! :-D [ I know you guys must be thinking "TOO MUCH!!" ]
So after covering about 12 miles in 1.20 hours it was time for us to head back to Wal-Mart. So we returned the bicycles, had dinner at a Mexican place and took off to shopping!!!

I feel cycling helped sweat a bit of my excess flab :-D which I am glad about and I ought to do this weekly once. This is what I have in mind, hope my body has the courage to follow this routine and my schedule has 2 hours in spare each week!! :-D

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