Thursday, September 16, 2010

Poker, Uno & Bluffing - Out at Midnight!!!

I was under the opinion that last weekend will turn out to be like any other weekend. But there was a surprise element in it that I really enjoyed. Since it was Ganesha Chathurthi [ Saturday, 11th September 2010], my initial plan was to clean apartment ASAP, and prepare some nice lunch with some sweet!!! But the plan got changed due to some unforeseen circumstances and we ended up going to Wal-Mart shopping in the noon. So our trip was

1. Fedex Office - To Collect my iPhone which was couriered by my brother
2. Indian Store - We bought some frozen Chapathis
3. Wal-Mart - Basic weekly shopping [ On the occasion of the festival I got a T-Shirt for 1$ ].
4. A stop at Community Coffee store [ Something like Coffee Days]

and headed back home by 5:30 PM. Hari invited us for a poker night at his place. We agreed instantaneously!!!

Pre-Reading : Hari's roommate and friend for 7 years, Richie was on a vacation to India around the time we came to LSU. Vandana, Hari's friend wanted to play poker once Richie gets back. So Pri's and my wait for 1 month to play poker coming to an end.

So Hari, came to pick us from our apartment at around 8:30-9:00 PM. But we were still having dinner, so he informed us he would pick up another friend and then stop by our house. So Pri and I got ready in a hurry [ I was initially wearing my tracks, thinking that it would be just a few people I know, but after knowing a few more may join us, I jumped into a Jean ( Indian Effect) ]. So Hari picked up Ashay [ 2nd year Engineering student, from Pune] and came to our place. Hari , Asay, Pri and I then went to Vandana's [ MS student, from Tamil Nadu] home to pick her up. We came to Hari's home by 9:30 PM. Since we were waiting for some more people, I took a break and came out to call my parents. The various reasons being :

1. To wish them on the occasion of Ganesha Chaturthi
2. I had the new phone!!! DUH!!
3. I was conscious of the fact that may be for the 1st time ever in my life, I would be staying 0ut that late!!

So after a few minutes of waiting we started playing poker.

1. Pri
2. Hari
3. Me
4. Ashay
5. Vandana
6. Richie [ Did his BE and MS here]
6. Sirish [ Did his MS here and working. Soon getting married to his fiancee whom he addressee as "WIFE" already!!!]

Since, Pri and I did not know how to play Poker, Hari gave a live demo. He was a non-stop chatter box!!!! Since he was successful in explaining how to play poker to me, I am confident he can become a good professor. We were bored by his explanations and people were bored by playing a demo game. BUT!!!! Hari is never satisfied with his explanations!!!! After quiet a bit of persuasion, he finally gave up and we started playing the actual game. Soon one more person came to play the game : Rajesh Shankaran.

Once again Hari "Started off" and this time Rajesh was also a competitor,. The more Hari explains, more doubts this dude comes up with!!! I really do not know how we finally managed to start the game. So , after a couple of rounds of interesting game, out of no where Rajesh asked me my last name! When I told him, he asked "Are you Tribuvan's Sister?"

Rajesh Shankaran : Pursuing his PhD after doing his MS here. One interesting thing is my brother and he were roommates here in LSU!! He commented telling my bro and I look similar [ No one is going to buy that one!!! ].

Then on poker goes on for almost 2 hours I guess. Some intresting observations:

1. Hari - Never plays or bets his money. He always gives up in round one!!! Only time he plays is when he is sure he is going to win!!!! After some rounds, Pri used to taken his chips and bet on his behalf, though he was very much against it. Vandana & I supported her!!

2. Vandana - Asks recommendations from Hari and Rajesh. They usually end up giving some different suggestions. Then since she is loosing lot of money she says " I am allowed to withdraw from the game, because I am bankrupt"!!! She also dictates Sirish not to make any foolish moves!! [ He never listens to her though]

3. Rajesh - I think more than playing, he was asking doubts!!! and finally when all his doubts were cleared he would withdraw from the game!!!! [ I know it's irritating and funny at the same time]. And yes, though Hari talks a lot, most of it makes sense, but that is not true with this guy!! He was trying to be metalinguistic, but failed miserable. Nevertheless, it was full time entertainment for the rest of us.

4. Ashay - Was a real player. He used to bluff a bit, bid and be involved in the game as much as possible. usually I used to give him change when I won and at some point when he won he started distributing changes to all!!!

5. Richie - Wanted to play a good game. But, Hari or Vandana would comment on his moves and he would re-do it all over again!!

6. Sirish - The dude who wanted someone to win huge amounts!!! He would bid for such high prices, which would make Hair or Vandana say "Dont do that!!!". His logic was simple, no point playing with no risks and no money to make!!

7. Me - I played average!!! :-)

After poker we played UNO and BLUFF, and by the time we were done it was 2:30 AM!!! :-ooooo. I still wonder how a sleepy head like me never felt sleepy the entire time. Hari rushed me back to home, and I had a fruit and slept off.

When I bid good bye to all the people, I never forgot to mention "Lets do this once again". Because I thoroughly enjoyed it!! made me relax and get some good laughs!!! Hope we have a poker night some time soonnnnnnnn :-)

Dedicated to all "Healthy" Card gamers!!


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