Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Routine has already been set!!! :-O

Its been 3 weeks since my classes have started. And I already see a routine settling in. Both with respect to my MBA and my Independent Stay :-)

I have 5 MBA courses and 1 English Class. I had to take an English Exam since I am an International student. Apparently I am not good at writing English, hence the course work.

So in MBA I have :

1. BADM 7030 - Accounting , which involves Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Models and other accounting stuffs. My classes are 8:80 AM - 11:30 AM on Mondays. I kinda am confused about this course. Because, I feel, I understand whats happening, but when I start working on a problem I end up missing, swapping numbers in the balance sheet :-)

2. BADM 7020 - Statistics, its all about Permutation, Combination, Probability and various Distribution Functions. The lecturer is quiet interesting and makes the class very interactive. I have classes on Tuesday & Thursday between 9-10:30 AM AM . Permutation and Combination is one topic in Math I don't like. In fact I have always skipped this completely even in my 12th and GMAT!!! But this time I have no choice :-( what a petty. And one more interesting thing is I usually get the numbers right, but whenever the lecturer calls my name, I end up giving wrong numbers!!!! May be it is the physiological thing with me!!! :-D

3. BADM 7050 - Information Systems, 10:30-12 Tuesdays & Thursdays. This class is the most hectic, till date. Though I come from an IT background, I fail miserably to understand some of its concepts, and the ones I do understand contradict my knowledge!!! We have to write Blogs on current IT trends, comment on our lecturers blogs, comment on classmates blogs, do presentations and refutations. And last but not the least, we don't have classes!!! We need to see video lectures (virtual class). So by this week I am supposed to be done with 8 virtual classes and I donot know where to start!!!! :-O

4. BADM 7100 - Marketing, Wednesday 8:30-11:30 AM. I have mixed feelings for this class. I some times enjoy this class because the lecturer gives practical examples, but when he gets into details of LSU football I end up sleeping [ I know nothing about LSU football!!!]. Another problem is I don't know what are we supposed to do in this class. By far, I have done nothing offline for this course and that makes me happy!!! God save me when course work starts :-/

5. BADM 7010 - Is a session every Friday 9-11 AM where Alumina's of Flores MBA are called. They give an overview of their professional life post MBA, then we can network with them and stuffs like that. There is a mandatory attendance system, and if you are late by even a minute you are marked absent. This will effect our grades for this course. But the good news is apart from participation I don't have to do anything much ;-)

6. ENGL 1005 - English Writing class Tuesdays & Thursdays 1:30 - 3:00 PM. We will be trained to write dissertation & thesis in this class!!! But I am doing an MBA for God's Sake!!!! Well no one is here , to listen to my tragedy [ How Unfortunate]. The lady professor gives us so much home work. Sometimes I feel I am better off doing an MBA rather than some English Degree. But one good thing about the class is, I find a lot of Indians & Asians. Although attending this class is painful, I try to derive some pleasure out of it!! Still I feel I don't need to take up this course :-(

Apart from academics, my weekdays start at 6:30-7:00 AM depending on how sleepy I am [ I usually reset the alarm 2-3 times before I get up]. I get fresh [ wake up Pri], get ready, have Breakfast and pack some food [ Since I a veggie I get to eat either cheese/vegetables outside]. If I have 10 minutes to spare, I come online and catch up with some friends in India who would be online, doing a late night work in office. I walk to class [ 15-20 mins]. Post classes, I come to my work place usualy by afternoon. I have my lunch her, do some work, browse and head back home by 6:00 PM odd. Depending on how tired I am , I end up calling transit. Once back home, I cook [ 1 hour] on alternate days, do a bit of cleaning, browse etc. Somedays I might end up going to one of my MBA classmates home for project/ presentation or case study discussions. By 9:30 PM odd have dinner, go for a short walk with Pri [ Hari is present on most days]. By 11 I get into my room, do bit of chatting/ talking [ No guesses on this one] and try doing some MBA stuffs. I hit the bed by 12:30-1:00 AM.

On weekends, Pri and I follow "No Alarm" policy. We end up getting up by 10:30-11:00 AM, then do our apartment cleaning till 2:30 PM. Post lunch, I get some sleep, and by 4:00 PM I go for laundry. I iron my clothes for about an hour. We then chit chat a bit, have dinner and be ready by 8:30 PM. Hari picks us from the apartment and we go for our weekly Wal-Mart shopping. Come home by 11:00 PM, browse, chat & talk and off to sleep.

Sunday, is a special day, because we prepare some Indian Breakfast like dosa, idli etc and this consumes most of the morning. Pri, Hari and I might either play some game at home or we go for a walk around the lake. Then I get back to my Dairy to see I have so many tasks pending for this week. I try completing some, have dinner and sleep wishing all this was a dream.

I wish I wake up, back my bed in my room in Bangalore. In fact I wish I am not woken up by the alarm, but rather by one of my parents voice or a friends call. I wish I wake up when ever I want, not worrying about food!!! I wish I wake up to to see all my clothes neatly washed and ironed in my closet!! And last but not the least I wish I wake up and I get a warm hug from my near and dear ones [ I miss them the most, and I hate them all for making me an addict to their love & affection].

But, my wish a couple of months back was to do what I am exactly doing right now [ Please don't think "blogging"]. I am giving an abrupt end to this blog because I do-not know how to end it!!! Thanks for reading the lengthiest blog I have ever written!!! :-D

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