Saturday, August 14, 2010

1st Dinner Party at my Apartment

Pri and I decided to call Anusha & Trina for Dinner at our place on Sunday 15th August 2010. But soon we realized that , its Independence Day back home I mean INDIA. And here the ISA (Indian Student Association) have a get together. SO 14th August 2010, was the ideal day because next week onwards we will get busy with and schedule and also may be our initial enthusiasm for cooking may go down ;-).

I called Anusha by 9:30 AM, and to our luck she was awake, she informed me that her roommate Rasagnya is coming back today as well. I asked her to tag her as well for the dinner. Pri and I were exhausted by our house cleaning activity and took a nap, and got up by 6:00 PM odd. Much to our surprise the 3 girls landed in our apartment, and planned to take us to the Riverside for a walk.

Once we reached the main road, we called the Transit ( an LSU shuttle which is operational after 5:30 PM with free pick-up and drop to any place within campus). We had a short walk, fun chat and few photo shoots before we came back to home in Transit. Those girls already had enough rice cooked and bought it once we reached our place. Pri and I quickly made the Beans and Carrot Sambar.

So when we sat for Dinner the basic menu was :

1. Masala Papad
2. Cheese Topped Cracker
3. Rice
4. Sambar
5. Curds
5. Pickles
6. Chutney Powder/ Ghee
7. Muffins and Ice Creams

All five, had a good dinner with great talking :-). We were appreciated for our culinary skills as well. I wish I could record it and show it to mine and Pri's folks!!!! ROLF.

Once done with the dinner we sat in Pri's room and chit-chatted for a few minutes. Then the gals took off, we cleaned the dinner stuffs and here I am blogging now.

Spending some time with the 4 girls was real fun, and wish we can continue this once a while....:-D

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